Poggio Le Volpi

Poggio Le Volpi

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  • Established: 1920

The common objective Armando and Felice Mergè productions is to reach the highest wine quality without altering their tipicality. Tradition, identity and territory but also passion, commitment and experience: these are the family values.

In order to find the roots of Poggio Le Volpi Company we have to make a leap back of almost a century. Everything began in 1920, when Manlio Mergè starts his production of wine and oil. His passion for the land is first transmitted to his son Armando and then to his grandson Felice. Both transform the dream of grandfather Manlio into reality, founding in 1996 the Poggio le Volpi Farm in Monte Porzio Catone.This is a volcanic origin area, therefore its is inherently fertile.

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