Steinhart Classic Gin

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This gin, based on a family recipe, is a wow. Highly flavoured and aromatic it’s steeped with juniper and other botanicals such as clove, licorice, allspice, hops, cardamom, orris root, star anise and more. Tiny sips of his gin and vodkas in the tasting room so impressed me that I ordered a six-pack for delivery to my home in Toronto.
Margaret Swaine
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Steinhart Gin has been a darling and well-kept secret among gin drinkers, but the secret is now out – look for it in the LCBO Gin shop! Hailing from the coast of Nova Scotia, along the Northumberland shores overlooking Arisiag Wharf, craft distilling is a rich Steinhart family tradition over 300 years in the making. Steinhart won the “Gin Distiller of the Year” award at the Berlin International Spirits Competition in 2017, Steinhart spirits have also won gold and silver at the New York International Spirits Competition, among many other recognitions.
Product Physical Location LCBO (General)
Case format No
Is this product organic? No
Viticulture No
Appellation 0
Regulated designation 0
Length of aging 0
Bottle size 500 ml
Closure type Cork
Varietal No
Style No
Body No
Region Canada, Other
Colour No
Vintage No
Rating 90+

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